Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes friends, Last few days i visited one of our projects in Sikonge District, this project is funded by Stephen Lewis Foundation of Canada. Some of the project interventions include offering of education services to school Most vulnerable Children, offering of health prepaid insurance cards, offering of anti stigma education and household economic strenthening. under household economic strengtherning, our organization distributes goats to the most vulnerable children on condition that the first new born goat is returned to JIDA for distribution to other households. there is a livestock bank where the new borns ae kept before they are redistributed to othe children. Mr kasonta is a volunteer under this project, he collects the new borns and keep them for 3-6 months. he keeps the record of the goats. At home he is assisted by his daughters to take care of the goats. I talked to Kasonta and he is confident that the livestock project is a sustainable one, as he says "... a livestock project will help the children in the long run, ... when donors are not there, it will be easy for the households to sell a goat and buy food, school uniforms, pay school fees and health services..." I also support him. Kasonta has some fish ponds as well. He works for the children while performing his normal duties. some times he goes with the children to let them see what he is doing. the children are really aspired. We can do alot for our children by encouraging people like Kasonta who are based at community level and who can do the work tirelessly.

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