Friday, February 27, 2009


DEAR FRIENDS ! As I told you before, that I am working with a local organization based in Tabora, known commonly in its abbreviation as JIDA.

We are getting support from different organizations to perform our duty. Stephen Lewis Foundation of Canada is one of very important donors who have supported our work since July 2007.

Major acivities supported by the foundation in Sikonge District include Home based care education for care providers, improvement of community health fund/ insurance for Most vulenrable children, provision of education services through distribution of school materials, uniforms and payment of school fees for most vulnerable children, offering of antistigma education that would reduce the psychosocial tension for most vulnerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS and improvement/ strengthening of household's economic status through provision of revolving livestock

A few challenges are there. rough roads as usual constraints the volunteers to do some home visits especially during the rain season. On the photo above is one of my colleague ( Mr. Philemon Boyo) during his last home visit in sikonge district, talking to a few people living with HIV/AIDS and Most vulnerable children.

Down here, is another colleague whom we work with at JIDA (Mr. John Pinini), he is collaborating with Augustino Kabadi in giving services to the most vulnerable children. The work needs some committment, one needs to "put on the shoes of the children", feel their hardships and therefore support them tirelessly.

On the left you can see some of the children who need support. there is maize on the background that still have a long way to get some harvest. during the rain season the children and the hoseholds as a whole depend on cassava meal, you can see some being prossessed on sun rays below.

You can also predict some of the dangers when a person is all alone in a house. what she thinks, believes, will guide her action. that is why we say more must be done: on one hand to train as many Home based care givers who can support the most vulnerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS at home. ON THE OTHER HAND, we must do all that we can to support the households economically, to increase their purchasing power, to enable them have reliable and secured houses, not like the one below.
Dear friends shall come back to you with more stories, shall tell you more on how the Livestock contribution by Stephen Lewis Foundation of Canada has made change for Most vulnerable families in Sikonge District. Shall display some photos from the field and a few quates.
Bye and wish you good luck. PLEASE ASSISIT WHERE POSIBLE !
Mble , John. A

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