Monday, February 16, 2009


Yes, friends,

As i told you before that, I am currently working with JIDA, a growing local organization based in Tabora, Tanzania. Among other donors/development parners, JIDA was sub granted by Pact Tanzania to implement a JALI WATOTO program in eight wards of Igunga District.

In May 2008 the contract was revised considering an extension of the program for five extra wards of Igunga and some 10 new wards in Nzega District.

The JALI WATOTO PROGRAM under Pact Tanzania is an associate award to community reach. USAID through global grants management offers competitive awards to civil society organizations to support best practices and innovative approaches to community based HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support activities.

JIDA is offering services to about 3,511 children in Igunga and Nzega Districts. the services include; educational services (uniforms, school materials and school fees), health services (mosquito nets, CHF cards), economic strengthening (Livestock support), shelter and psychosocial.

We do not just distribute services, we also make others part of the process. Mr Ezekiel, the field officer at Nzega, is trying to explain to caregivers on how they should assist the children to better keep the materials and uniforms they receive.

It is also very important to involve leaders during the distribution process. if the leaders are involved, we are assuered of sustainability. the people in Igunga and Nzega are pastoralists, that is why we think that livestock support is a very good intervention for the most vulnerable children. I can tell you what we do in a nutshell: we give a goat or two to a household where a child is living. when the goat delivers, we collect the new born, keep it for six months and distribute it to another child/household. in this case the program becomes sustainable. it is very wounderful friends, we constructed a livestock bank at Igunga where we keep the small goats.

Yes, shall give you some more stories on the wounderful work that USAID has supported JIDA through Pact Tanzania in Igunga and Nzega.

See you next time

Mbele, John (Nienga)

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